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Welcome to Tea with Teacher

Updated: Apr 22, 2018

Welcome to Tea with Teacher!

As a half-time ninth grade ELA teacher and a half-time 1:1 technology integration coach this year, I have had the opportunity to work with some inspiringly creative teachers in my school. In addition, my position has afforded me the chance to attend some amazing education conferences and workshops. And the best part of both working with teachers from so many different disciplines and attending these conferences are the connections I've made with other educators. Even after 13 years of teaching, learning new tricks, tips, and tools excites me and gets my teacher-brain firing!

Therefore, I created this blog as a place to share what I've learned. Sometimes my posts will be me sharing how I use certain tools and other times they may include another educator sharing his or her favorite tip or tool.

We are all doing such amazing things in the classroom and we should be sharing our successes!

Hopefully, we can all learn about some sweet edtech, classroom practices, and other teaching tools we can use to enhance or transform student learning and/or make our lives as educators much easier.

So what's your pedagogical cup to tea?
Have a tool, tip, or trick you'd like to share? Please contact me here.

Current Cup of Tea

Irish Breakfast

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