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$20 Challenge: We're in the news!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

When I started my $20 Challenge, I had no idea it was going to impact the amount of people that it did. Not only did my students spend that first $420 on spreading kindness and helping others, but their video reflections encouraged others outside our classroom to join in on the challenge or donate their own money so that my future students could participate.

While I had not originally planned to publicly share about my $20 Challenge, I am happy at the coverage it has recently received because it has allowed the world to see how amazing my students are.

Below is a compilation of our story in the news. I am so excited that my students' voices get to be heard.


Link to article: Montgomery County teacher starts $20 Pay it Forward Project with students


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Link to original article: How $20 helped a grieving sister, an unsuspecting waitress, and students with library fees

Reprint in the Chicago Tribune

Reprint in the Boston Herald

Reprint in The Eagle

Reprint in the Finger Lakes Times

Reprint in MSN

Reprint in The Morning Call

WBUR's Kind World Podcast

Link to the article (podcast in article): Teacher Gives Each Student $20 To Use In Kindness 'Challenge' 

Elvis Duran and Morning Show

Link to article: Feel Goods: Students Amaze Teacher With $20

Radio broadcast:

MontCo Happenings

Link to article: MontCo Teacher Challenges Students in $20 Pay It Forward Project


Featured on Kindness Crusaders (Link to Instagram story)

Prince of Wales Tea Latte

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